The endpointR is a computational tool for aiding scientists in laboratory animal research to identify humane endpoints. Originally it was developed for body weight (change) data but it can be used with any (longitudinal/time series) data. However, it is not meant as substitution for experience and reason - but it may help in any decision making process concerning the wellbeing of an animal.


You can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

endpointR Shiny App

The endpointR is ready-to-use as a Shiny app for body weight data analysis under the following link.


Please restrict your online time on the app and close the browser when finished as we’re only using a public license. Thank you!


This is a basic example using the internal Glioma data from Helgers & Talbot et al 2019 (under review) to indicate potential endpoints for individual animals. The input variables are raw body weight data.

a      <- 1
td     <- ep_select(gliodat, a)
danger <- epR(td        = td,
              org       = FALSE,
              wl        = 6,
              SDwdth    = 2,
              mad       = FALSE,
              blind     = TRUE)
#>    n timepoint value where
#> 1 15        12 99.25 lower
#> 2 15        15 94.14 lower