Steven R. Talbot

Data Scientist

I like data. I really do!

Solving the mysteries of hidden knowledge in heaps of data have become my passion the very moment I have initiated myself into Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence during my dissertation over 13 years ago.

Currently I’m working as a Data Scientist at the Institute for Laboratory Animal Science at the Hannover Medical School (Germany). My focus lies on the development of mathematical models for severity assessment in laboratory animals as well as in contributing to the 3R principle via the R2N network with my computational expertise.

I graduated from the Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany) with a Diploma in Biochemistry in 2006. Until 2009, I continued working on pathogen detection at the Bundeswehr Research Institute for Protective Technologies and CBRN Protection ( WIS ) where I developed multivariate methods for spectroscopic analyses under the advisement of Prof. Thomas Scheper for my dissertation. Since 2009 I’m also working as a freelancing data science/statistics consultant and re-joined the Hannover Medical School and Prof. André Bleich in 2017 to work on my habilitation. Also, I’m the author of the statistics and experimental design sections of the current Pschyrembel 2021.

Oh…and of course I’m an avid R-enthusiast,… I also love cycling… and pizza.