I’m offering various courses in and around Statistics/Design of Experiments and Artificial Intelligence (AI). If you are interested in a custom course, please feel free to write me an email. At the moment, I will address roughly the following topics:

  • Basic statistics
  • Basic R course
  • Basic Machine Learning / AI
  • Basic GraphPad Prism
  • When to use which statistical test?
  • Power analysis & sample size calculation
  • Linear & non-linear analyses / Classification
  • And whatever else you can come up with around the listed topics…

For keeping things simple, in most statistics courses GraphPad Prism is used. However, you’ll probably need a valid software licence for that. There is a 30 day trial version on their website…

Curricular courses

At the Hannover Medical School I’m offering two regular courses (roughly every six months) for MHH staff/students.

1. Basic course in statistics ( e.g, Statistics in Laboratory Animal Science )
2. How to plan & design animal experiments ( e.g, Power analysis and preparation of applications for animal experiments )

The actual dates can be seen in the links (Website is in German). Both courses can be held in German and/or English. If you are not associated to the MHH but interested in a course/lecture you can write me an email and we’ll find a solution.