Steven R. Talbot

Data Scientist

Ever since I got into Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, unraveling the secrets buried in massive piles of biomedical data has been my ultimate driving force.

I’m a Data Scientist (and Biochemist) at the Institute for Laboratory Animal Science within the Hannover Medical School (Germany), with my primary focus being on developing mathematical models for Severity Assessment in laboratory animals. In addition, I actively utilize my computational expertise to support the 3R principle by contributing to the R2N network.

In 2023, I became a principal investigator and group leader for a 3R research consortium that focuses on developing micro replacement methods and fluidic systems to replace laboratory animals. This exciting project is generously funded by “zukunft.niedersachsen”. I am also a co-author of the statistics and experimental design sections of the current Pschyrembel 2023, and author, creator and maintainer of several R-packages (e.g., RELSA).

As an enthusiastic R user and avid gravel biker, I am dedicated to both my professional and personal pursuits. Nevertheless, I must confess that I possess an unwavering fondness for pizza…